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New Lemur Loop Expansion Opens

New Lemur Loop Expansion Opens

The lemurs are back!! The Metro Richmond Zoo is pleased to announce the opening of our new Lemur Loop expansion featuring three species of lemurs! This new section of the park includes 38 animals in 7 new habitats along 1,000 feet of unexplored path with 3 additional...

Miracle of Christmas Returns With New Lights and a Reconstructed Set

Miracle of Christmas Returns With New Lights and a Reconstructed Set

The show must go on! One of Richmond’s favorite holiday events, The Miracle of Christmas - Live at the Zoo, is back for its 21st season. This year, the nativity will feature new lights and a reconstructed stage and set. In June, the zoo suffered a serious fire that...

New Zookeeper Building Reopens

New Zookeeper Building Reopens

We celebrated a huge milestone this week! Our new zookeeper service building reopened!! This includes a food prep room, breakroom, restroom, laundry, and feed storage area. The new facilities are more than twice as large and are better equipped to handle the needs of...

New Documentary About the Zoo Fire Released

New Documentary About the Zoo Fire Released

It's been four months since a serious fire occurred in behind-the-scenes areas of the zoo. This new documentary tells the story of what happened that night and sheds light on the heroic acts of firefighters, emergency personnel, and zoo staff. We hope you enjoy it!

Reticulated Giraffe Born August 2

Reticulated Giraffe Born August 2

The Metro Richmond Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a male Reticulated giraffe. He was born to parents Iris and Wakati on August 2, 2023, after a 15 month gestation. This is the first giraffe calf born at the zoo in nearly 4 years. The unnamed calf is anything...

New Digital Tickets and Memberships

New Digital Tickets and Memberships

The Metro Richmond Zoo is going digital! Starting Monday, June 26, the zoo will be launching an improved online ticketing system and implementing changes to operations at the front gate and throughout the park. The purpose of these updates is to streamline operations,...

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