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World’s Oldest African Penguin Dies at Age 43

World’s Oldest African Penguin Dies at Age 43

The Metro Richmond Zoo is saddened to report the passing of ET, an African penguin. She died peacefully on Saturday, June 17 from natural causes. She was 43 years old. In the wild, the average lifespan of African penguins is around 15-20 years, so ET lived an...

Fire Update #2: Cleanup and Community Support

Fire Update #2: Cleanup and Community Support

It’s been eleven days since the fire at the zoo, and we have been deeply touched by the amount of love the community has given us. Hundreds of individuals and organizations across Virginia (and the country) have reached out to offer assistance. We are so immensely...

Fire Update #1: Damage and How to Help

Fire Update #1: Damage and How to Help

Since the fire Sunday night, the zoo has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the community. You are the light in a devastating situation. Thank you. Right now, we are assessing the damage and taking inventory of what was lost. The cleanup...

Statement Regarding Fire at the Zoo

Statement Regarding Fire at the Zoo

The Metro Richmond Zoo is deeply saddened to report a large fire occurred in behind-the-scenes work areas of the zoo on Sunday, June 4. At 9:50 PM, a zoo employee onsite called 911 to report the fire. First responders arrived rapidly and began fighting the fire. All...

Orangutan Learns How to Nurse from a Breastfeeding Zookeeper

Orangutan Learns How to Nurse from a Breastfeeding Zookeeper

Zoe the orangutan needed help breastfeeding. Her first baby, Taavi, had to be hand-raised after she failed to nurse him and hold him properly. It’s likely Zoe never learned how to be a mom since she was orphaned at nine months old when her own mother died...

Cheetah Surgery

Cheetah Surgery

On February 2, the Metro Richmond Zoo performed a leg surgery on Bo, a 9-year-old male cheetah. Previously, zookeepers noticed Bo had an injury to his left, rear leg. The zoo’s vet team took x-rays and discovered he had a calcaneal fracture in the heel bone from an...

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