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Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

The Metro Richmond Zoo is privately owned and operated; our sole funding comes from admission, gift shop, and café sales.

We do not receive any government funding.

Our visitors are critical to the zoo’s success and growth

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Enrichment Wish List


Whether you are an old-timer or a new-timer, thank you for your support, love, and dedication. We cannot achieve our mission to protect animals and inspire guests without you.

Over 2,000 animals from around the world live at the zoo. Each one is important to us. Providing care for these animals requires a lot of time, effort, love, labor, and money. The zoo spends over $8,000 a day to care for our animals.

Donations to the zoo are used wisely to provide feed, enrichment, and health care to our animals and fund our global conservation efforts.

These contributions cannot be used as tax-deductible donations.

Enrichment Wish List

What is enrichment?

Enrichment items are things we give to the animals to provide mental and physical stimulation. Enrichment helps promote natural behaviors and makes a habitat more enjoyable.

Enrichment could be a scent or perfume that we spray in an animal’s habitat for them to sniff out. It may be a puzzle feeder that requires the animal to learn how to open it to get a treat out. Or it could be a toy for them to play and exercise with.

How do I donate enrichment?

Here is an opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of our animals. Our zookeepers have created an enrichment wish list with different objects, toys, and treats that our animals will LOVE!

You can help us add to the enrichment that we are already doing. When you donate an item from our Amazon wish list or Boomer Ball, you can know your contribution counts. Various animals can be seen on exhibit playing with these donated items.

All donations should be shipped to:

Metro Richmond Zoo

8300 Beaver Bridge Road

Moseley, VA 23120