New Zookeeper Building Reopens

Dec 14, 2023

We celebrated a huge milestone this week! Our new zookeeper service building reopened!! This includes a food prep room, breakroom, restroom, laundry, and feed storage area.

The new facilities are more than twice as large and are better equipped to handle the needs of our growing zoological park. Our keepers are thrilled to have more counter space to prep animal diets. We have more sinks, shelves, and a private break room with a designated locker area. Yet to come are some finishing touches and decorating to make it more homey.

With this building reopening, we are now one major step towards returning to normal.

Construction continues on rebuilding the animal hospital and workshop and adding new offices.

These photos show what the facilities look like now versus the day after the fire.

In case you missed it, watch this documentary we made about the zoo fire.