Zoo To You

Bring the Zoo to You

Make your Lessons Come to Life

A zoo educator can visit your class with animal ambassadors from the Metro Richmond Zoo to teach about our natural world!   

Four Program Choices


Discusses the body coverings of reptiles, birds, and mammals. Demonstrates the similarities and differences between each group of animals.

Students should have some knowledge of the three animal groups.


Discusses the different habitats found on the continent of Africa and the adaptations of animals that live in those regions.

Students should be familiar with the Sahara Desert, Madagascar, the savanna, and the rainforest.


Discusses the world’s rainforests and the reasons for their disappearance. Also talks about the species found in the rainforest and why some are endangered.

Students should be familiar with endangered species, the rainforest, and conservation.


Discusses the different groups of reptiles (snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, etc.). Also highlights some of the snakes native to Virginia.

Students should be familiar with the distinguishing characteristics of reptiles and some of the different types of reptiles.

Book a Zoo To You

Complete our inquiry form below to schedule a Zoo To You. After submitting the form, a team member will review it and send a quote soon. Zoo To Yous start at $300.


15 minutes: Slideshow highlighting the program topic

15 minutes: Hands-on biofacts of feathers, fur, snake sheds, etc.

15 minutes: 3 different live animal ambassadors which may include a penguin, snake, parrot, etc. Students are not allowed to touch the animals.

All Zoo To You programs are 45 minutes.


  • Zoo To You programs work best for elementary schools, libraries, and senior centers
  • Presentation room should be larger than a standard classroom size
  • Must provide a screen or blank wall for the slideshow, a table, an extension cord, a 3-pronged outlet, and a microphone if needed