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Serval Kittens Born – July 16th

The Metro Richmond Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of three servals. After a 74 day gestation period, Zola, a 3 year old female serval, gave birth to three kittens on July 16th. There is one male and two females. The father is Zemba. Zola and her three kittens are all doing well and

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Two Dromedary Camel Calves Born

The Metro Richmond Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of  two Dromedary camels. On May 12th, Kya, a 7 year old camel, gave birth to a healthy female calf. The baby is nursing from mom, and they are bonding well. Both Kya and baby are on exhibit everyday. On June 27th, a second Dromedary

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New Animal Exhibits for 2017

The Metro Richmond Zoo is always seeking new and exciting ways to expand and renovate our park! We are thrilled to unveil our big plans for 2017. New Animal Exhibits Pygmy Hippo  The pygmy hippopotamus is native to the forests and swamps of West Africa, mainly Liberia. It is an endangered species with only an

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New Animal Nursery Now Open!

The Metro Richmond Zoo is excited to announce the opening of our new animal nursery!! Located next to the reptile house and meerkats, the animal nursery is where we will exhibit animal babies that our staff is hand raising due to parental neglect or health issues.           The first resident of

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First Litter of Snow Leopard Cubs

We are excited to announce the arrival of two snow leopard cubs born to Elsa and Nitro on May 24th, 2016 after a three month gestation. There is one male and one female. First time mother, Elsa, is two years old. First time father, Nitro, is three years old. Elsa’s maternal instincts have kicked in

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Kumbali & Kago 1st Birthday

Kumbali and Kago celebrated their first birthday on May 12, 2016. Zoo staff gave them two birthday presents. Each box contained an ice block with meat frozen inside. The boys enjoyed ripping off the wrapping paper and eating their frozen treats.

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