New Digital Tickets and Memberships

Jun 24, 2023

The Metro Richmond Zoo is going digital! Starting Monday, June 26, the zoo will be launching an improved online ticketing system and implementing changes to operations at the front gate and throughout the park.

The purpose of these updates is to streamline operations, reduce lines, and simplify the check-in experience.

Our new system will provide a fast and easy way to purchase daily tickets, animal feed, ride tickets, memberships, zipline reservations, and other experiences from your mobile phone. To shorten lines at the zoo, all guests should purchase tickets and memberships in advance.

Improved Features

  • Fewer Lines at the Entrance
  • Digital Memberships
  • Updated Membership Benefits
  • Digital Ride Tickets
  • And More!

Fewer Lines at the Entrance

The queue lines to enter the park are being simplified to two lines.

  1. Ticket line: Purchase tickets, animal feed, ride tickets, and memberships
  2. Entry line: All guests enter the zoo here with a QR code or barcode

Zoo members and guests who have already purchased tickets on their phones can skip the ticket line and go straight to the entry line.

All purchasing must be completed at the ticket line or on your phone. Purchases can no longer be made at the point of entry.

This means members wanting to buy zoo treats, budgie sticks, or ride tickets need to do so on their phone or at the ticket line before entering the park. Animal feed purchased online will be redeemed and passed out in the entry line.


Digital Memberships

Long lines to the membership center are a thing of the past! Memberships are now 100% self-service. Guests will be able to purchase memberships online, take their own photos, and receive their digital membership QR codes in seconds. No more need for printed physical cards.

After purchasing a membership, an email with a membership management link will be sent. With this link, guests can create customers, assign memberships, and take photos all from their mobile phones. After adding a photo, the member will receive an email with a QR code. Guests should screenshot this code, save it to their favorites, and present it to enter the zoo.

A physical card can be purchased for $5.00. For assistance setting up digital memberships, enter the membership center upon arrival.


Updated Membership Benefits

Due to the new system, the benefits for our memberships are being updated. Read all the new benefits here.

Members (with memberships purchased June 26 or later) will now be able to receive their two discounts for Treetop Zoofari or Summer Safari all online. No longer will members need to call on the phone for this discount.

The Gold+ membership will no longer be offered. A new membership called the GoldX is being introduced.

To reduce lines, the promo items for online memberships (zoo treat cup, budgie stick, shaved ice) are being discontinued. Instead, a new program will be implemented for zoo members to receive exclusive offers through email during the year.


Digital Ride Tickets

Guests will now be able to purchase ride tickets on their phones outside the entrance of each ride. This will eliminate the need to wait in lines at the token machine or Penguin Falls Cafe to buy ride tickets. Present the order QR code on your phone as your ticket to ride.

The unlimited ride band is being discontinued. Only Gold, GoldX, and remaining Gold+ members will have unlimited rides by presenting their digital memberships at the rides.


Current Members and Existing Tickets/Reservations

All current member info will be transferred to the new system. Current members (with emails on file) will receive an email with a link to view their digital membership. If needed, members will be able to take a new membership photo from their phones or during their next zoo visit. Existing physical cards will still work and can be scanned at the entry line for all members and at the rides for Gold/Gold+ members.

Existing Gold+ members can still bring one guest per visit for $12 (rides included) until the membership expires. This plus one ticket can only be purchased at the new ticket line.

Current members with unused promo items (zoo treat cup, budgie stick, and shaved ice) can redeem these items only at the new ticket line before heading to the entry line. The remaining promo items will expire at the end of the year.

Guests with other outstanding purchases (tickets, animal feed, ride tickets, or ride bands) will receive a QR code for their order that can be scanned in our new system.

Guests participating in either of the Treetop courses will have to complete a waiver in the new system before the visit.

Existing gift cards will work in the new system. All reservations will be transferred over.

Thank you for supporting the zoo! We have been listening to your feedback and are implementing these changes to help you and our team members. We ask for your patience while our team becomes more confident with this new system. We are excited about these improvements and can’t wait to keep growing.