New Otter Cove Exhibit Now Open - Metro Richmond Zoo

New Otter Cove Exhibit Now Open

Jun 23, 2020

The Metro Richmond Zoo is pleased to announce the opening of a new African Clawless otter exhibit. Otters have been a favorite at the zoo for years, and now they have new and upgraded habitat. This exhibit, called Otter Cove, is more than 5 times the size of their previous home and it features a 12,000 gallon pool of water.

The African Clawless otter is the third largest species of otter in the world. Their hands are clawless and their feet are partially webbed. They are native to Africa near permanent bodies of water in the savanna or lowland forests. Otters are very intelligent, curious, and acrobatic. They love to swim, play, chase, and spin. Their whiskers are highly sensitive and can detect changes in water currents and nearby prey or predators.

Guests can now come face to face with Pili and Max, our two African Clawless otters, through 4 different viewing windows. Otter Cove provides our visitors with incredible views of the otters on land and in the water. Pili and Max are enjoying their new exhibit. Pili is 15 years old, a very old age for an otter, and Max is 6 years.

Construction on this exhibit began in the summer of 2018. It is the Metro Richmond Zoo’s most artistic and detailed exhibit to date. It is part of an ongoing process to remodel and improve many of our existing habitats.