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Photos: Milani and Cubs on Exhibit

Here are the most recent photos taken of Milani, Neema, Naya, and Hasani on exhibit at the Zoo.  

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Celebrating 20 Years!

HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY, METRO RICHMOND ZOO! Twenty years ago, the Metro Richmond Zoo opened to the general public on April 22, 1995. Here is a timeline of our growth in 20 years: -1995: Zoo opens with 250 animals covering 30 acres of land. -1996: Jack is the Zoo’s first white rhino. Levi and Zach, cheetah

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Big Surprise for our Safari Train Riders

It was 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, April 11th, and another fun-filled ride on the Safari Train had just begun.  Our guests were enjoying the 20 minute guided tour of various hoofstock, birds and monkeys when we rounded the turn that encountered our Thomson’s gazelle herd.  To our surprise, a mother Thomson’s gazelle, Penelope, was giving

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Reptile Building update

Calling all reptile lovers! The new reptile building is coming soon! The exhibit will feature various species of both exotic and native lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs, and more. The exhibit will include over 30 displays and expand there-after. We’re not going to spoil the entire surprise, but here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming soon.. 5 species of Poisonous

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Cheetah Update

All the cubs were weighed, de-wormed, and re-shaved (for easier identification). Our vet checked their basic body condition, and they also had their paw prints stamped into clay. All are well

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