Rules of the Road

  1. For the safety of you, our animals, and staff, maintain a slow, sloth-like speed of approximately 1 to 2 mph.  
  2. Do not stop the vehicle except when directed by a staff member. 
  3. Be respectful of our animals. Do not honk or rev your engine at any time. Do not play music from your vehicle. 
  4. Do not exit the vehicle except for emergency use of the restroom. 
  5. Maintain a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you.
  6. Be mindful of our animal care team and other staff members that will be walking by and sharing the same pathways. 
  7. Keep your doors locked. 
  8. Drivers, don’t drive distracted. Some pathways are narrow.
  9. Smoking (including vaping) inside your vehicle during the tour is NOT permitted.

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Kumbali and Kago

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