Photos: Milani and Cubs on Exhibit

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Photos: Milani and Cubs on Exhibit

Here are the most recent photos taken of Milani, Neema, Naya, and Hasani on exhibit at the Zoo.
















Judi Snider

May 6, 2015at 6:49 pm

Love all the pictures…. I have missed not getting to see them everyday when they waking up, playing, and waiting for the “cafeteria lady” to come dole out their breakfast and dinner…. Glad they are doing well and look forward to coming from Deltaville to visit in the near future….

Carol Mares

May 7, 2015at 12:34 am

I love these cats! I miss the cheetah cam, but they look great outdoors too.
Happy Mother’s Day to Milani. She is the best mom ever.


May 9, 2015at 2:47 am

Thank you so much for the update of photos of Milani and her cubs.What a wonderful opportunity to have been able to watch them live on cam. They are a beautiful animal. I look forward to seeing more updates on them.

Dianne Beardsley

May 10, 2015at 1:31 pm

Happy Mothers Day to Milani. I really enjoyed watching them grow up. I sure do miss watching them. They are so beautiful.

Delores Garrett

May 14, 2015at 12:47 am

I have watched the cheetah cubs since they were born. I sit and watch them for hours. I will miss the cam but I am glad they are growing up. I watched the cheetah cubs before this family. I love that you have this for everyone to enjoy.

Joan Clarke

May 14, 2015at 1:44 am

They are so pretty. Boy they can really show there selves with hissing. They all look real healthy. I will be over there soon to see them in person. Thanks, Joan

Michele F.

May 19, 2015at 8:33 pm

Do you still have your cheetah cam up, or will you be bringing it back? My daughter is obsessed with cheetahs, and that cheetah cam was the best thing ever! Our MN Zoo does not have cheetahs, so we are hoping to plan a trip out to your zoo some time in the future. We are also members/donators to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
You would make an 8 year old girl in MN very happy if you put a webcam on your cheetahs again. 🙂
Michele F.
St. Joseph, MN

Yvonne Brown

May 26, 2015at 4:12 pm

MRZ, Thank you so much for the picture updates of Milani & her cubs. Milani is so beautiful, & special.
Thank you also MRZ for the special care and love that you show for your zoo animals.
Thank you for caring about your cheetah fans by sharing the cheetah cam with us.

mourrelon sylvie

May 26, 2015at 6:28 pm

very beautiful this family

Linda Maroney

May 27, 2015at 1:29 am

Are Lana’s first cubs going to remain at the Richmond Zoo or will they be sent some where else? How many Cheetahs can the Zoo accommodate? I really have enjoyed the Cheetah cam with each litter, please continue to do this.

Barry Iglehart

May 28, 2015at 1:51 am

It is NOT silly to pray for these children of God’s creation. It is NOT silly to praise Him for their beauty and grace. It is NOT silly to thank both you and Him for the job that is being done there at RMZ. There is a magnet on my wife’s and my refrigerator that reads “To wonder at an animal is to begin to understand God.” If we watch them closely, we can learn.

Hailey Sutherland

May 28, 2015at 8:24 am

Thank you SO much for sharing your current ‘cheers news’!! What absolutely beautiful cats!! I can’t imagine seeing these in the wild! I have just found your website via NYC Channel 7 news app. Im seriously considering my next road trip to include your zoo…it’s not TOO far away! I’m currently in Louisville, Ky!!

Betty Sharp

May 28, 2015at 1:22 pm

So much fun to see these beautiful cats at play Monday, Memorial Day. They were playfully jumping at the fence next to the zebras who were feeding at the opposite end of their area. Turned out the cheetahs had seen a turtle making its way up the hill in the zebra enclosure and wanted to get a closer look here Typical curious cats – hopefully the turtle stayed on the other side of the fence.


May 30, 2015at 4:56 pm

Hi Linda,

There has not been any official release of information regarding where they may or may not go. For now, the Metro Richmond Zoo has dedicated a lot of resources towards ensuring all of our cheetahs have plenty of space. Where the cubs are born is in a secluded off-site cheetah breeding facility. We have many cheetahs living there.

Carole Canace

June 1, 2015at 1:01 pm

What a beautiful thought from BARRY IGLEHART. I start and end my day looking at these magnificent animals. There are times when I laugh out loud and times when my heart sings. So sad to hear about the passing of Lana’s cub. Thanks for all you do.

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