New Cheetah Births!

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New Cheetah Births!

The Metro Richmond Zoo is excited to announce the birth of 2 more litters of cheetah cubs. Lana and Kitu, who sired our famous first litter of 5 cubs Amelia, Hanna, Richie, Chester and Rico, recently  gave birth  to six more cubs, 2 males and 4 females on April 29,2015. The birth of six cubs is a rare event that only happens 8% of the time in cheetah births.  Lana is doing a great  job caring for all six cubs as demonstrated by their rapid and healthy growth.


On May 12, 2015, Khari, a first time mom, gave birth to 4 cubs (2 males and 2 females), sired by Hatari, a first time dad.  Unfortunately, one female only lived a few hours. We have been carefully  watching and weighing  the other 3 every day.  One cub began to lose weight, so we pulled him,  put him on antibiotics and are currently bottle feeding him every 2-3 hours.  He has been doing very well and has steadily gained weight. We hope to reintroduce him back to his mom soon. Compared to Lana, Khari’s maternal skills have been slower to kick in. We are also concerned about her lack of milk production. We are monitoring  the progress of each individual cub’s health.


The wild cheetah population is in a drastic decline with only 7,500 now left in the wild in small pocketed areas in Africa.  Breeding cheetahs in captivity is very challenging, with only a small portion of the population reproducing. The 20 cubs born in four litters here at the Metro Richmond Zoo in the last year and a half is a very significant addition to the captive cheetah population.


Yes, we are going to do it again. The cheetah cam has been enjoyed by people from all over the world and is currently up and running!


Watch cubs Live


Laforest S. & Carole A. Curtis

May 26, 2015at 6:19 pm

we watched Malani and now we would love to watch the new cheetah cubs.

Edith M. Lent

May 26, 2015at 6:26 pm

So proud of Lana and her six cubs. Thank you for this special video. MRZ you Rock.

Patricia Glass

May 27, 2015at 6:59 am

Love the cheetahs!!!

David Moore

May 27, 2015at 9:14 am

Such a Blessing! We need to reintroduce wild Cheetahs to the American West. They should be free to hunt Antelope like their ancestors.

Courtney Channell

May 27, 2015at 3:02 pm

My 8 year old daughter, Reese, is nothing less than OBSESSED with Cheetahs. Ever since watching a Disney Nature movie, “African Cats”, when she was 4 she has loved these amazing felines. Santa has been kind enough to bring Reese her own stuffed cheetah cubs along with a momma. I would love to bring Reese to see the new cubs – when will they be available for public viewing?


May 29, 2015at 1:30 am



May 30, 2015at 4:52 pm

Hi Courtney,

That is a great question. As with the past births, the cubs may go on display when they are about 6 months old. Until then, enjoy the cam.


May 31, 2015at 12:56 pm

Love watching the new 6 cubs with thier mom, she has her hands full with all those babies. Thank you for putting the cam in thier enclosure


May 31, 2015at 3:17 pm

Sunday the 31st may i saw Lana marching up and down a lot with one of the cubs, the cub looked very weak, is the cub ok as i saw a man come and take the cub?

Rebecca FIelds

June 1, 2015at 4:12 am

I am SO VERY saddened to hear of the loss of one of Lana’s cubs. Keeping Lana and this baby’s siblings…and the “Family” of all the keepers…Mr. Andlin and compadres… my prayers. Take good care of your little sibling…..beautiful Hanna. Rest serene in your big Sister’s arms….little angel.


June 2, 2015at 4:19 pm

What is the status of the one cheetah baby that you removed a couple of days ago?

David Moore

June 22, 2015at 1:45 pm

Any update on Khari and her cubs?

Sue Jones

June 30, 2015at 9:05 pm

Love watching Lana & her babies – noticed one wasn’t moving much yesterday afternoon while the others were boisterous as usual & now Lana is alone . . . where are the babies? Hope nothing has happened;
please let us know. Thanks ! ! !

Pat Anderson

July 1, 2015at 1:08 pm

I have been watching Lana and her cubs from the first litter til now.. Love them and watching them grow is a pleasure. Sorry about Lana losing one of her cubs but the others look great.
How are the cubs that Khari gave birth to doing? I know she lost one too.. so sad again. But just wondering if she was able to nurse them or did you bottle feed them??? I sure hope she came around with her maternal instincts and could teach them. I will keep watching them. Thanks for the cams!!!


January 22, 2016at 6:35 pm

Lana’s cubs are adorable!


January 22, 2016at 6:37 pm

They’re adorable!

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