live meerkat cam


1week old
Pups Nursing

cubs 3 weeks old
One walking by mom

cubs 3 weeks old
Family Pile up

Highlight Info

  • After a 10-11 week gestation, 1-5 three inch long pups are born
  • This mom gave birth to 3 pups on June 25, 2014
  • When 2 and 1/2 weeks old, the pups opened their eyes and ventured outside of their den box
  • Pups usually wean at two months and reach maturity at one year old


Pup under the bowl





Watch Live inside our Meerkat Exhibit!

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You are looking at the inside area of one of our Meerkat Clans. The family sleeps in the wooden den box where the pups were born.


Meerkat Pup Cam recorded footage

The Meerkat Clan won't always be in view. If you don't see them, check back later. Enjoy this recorded video.