Animal Experiences

tumblr_nedth5h88r1qm4bkvo1_500 Enter our Budgie Aviary

Walk around the Budgie Aviary and experience an atmosphere full of colorful and lively budgie birds. With $1.00 budgie sticks, you can feed the birds from your hand!

Make new friends

Meet, greet, and feed the Zoo’s barnyard animals. See goats, camels, llamas, chickens, sheep, and more. We have some of the friendliest barnyard animals you will ever meet. Feed them with our $2.00 Zoo Treat cups which may be purchased at the front entrance, Penguin Falls café, or in 25 cent machines located throughout the park. Keep our animals safe by only feeding them zoo treats provided by the Zoo. (Required by federal law)

giraffe3 Get up close

Make unforgettable encounters by hand feeding the animals! With $2.00 Zoo Treat cups, you can hand feed Giraffes, barnyard animals, deer, and more. Remember to hold your hand flat when feeding the animals and ONLY feed them the Zoo treats provided by the Zoo. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands after feeding the animals at the sanitation stations located nearby feeding areas. No plastic bags of any kind. Help keep our animals safe and our park clean.

Take a walk

Walk along the boardwalk  trail through the forest and feed a variety of hoofed animals. Along the way, you can spot several different species including, the Pronghorn, the worlds fastest antelope.

Milani Bonds with her Newborn Cubs - YouTube - Google Chrome 1102015 34552 PM Can’t make it to the zoo today?

If you can’t make it to the zoo today and still want to see some animal action, check out our online Cheetah Cam. The CheetahCam is available 24 hours a day where you can watch our newest litter of cheetah cubs.

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