COVID-19 Check-in Procedures

The Metro Richmond Zoological Park will continue to stay open to the public because we can follow the CDC’s guidelines to mitigate the spread of this virus. 

Here are steps the Zoo is taking in our facility:

Even at 75% capacity our guests can easily spread out in groups of 10 persons or less while maintaining at least 6′ from each other. There is over 1 mile of outdoor pathways with many large outdoor spaces on our 150 acre facility to spread out.

  1. The Zoological Park will only operate at 25% capacity during our normal hours of Monday – Saturday 9:30-5:00
  2. 25% capacity will be controlled by our admissions software to limit the number of guests entering the Zoological Park
    • Guests will need to follow this NEW HANDS-FREE CHECK-IN PROCEDURE to enter the Park
  3. Continue to encourage 6′ spacing of social distancing between guests. (Guests that have come already have done a phenomenal job thus far! Well done!)
  4.  Minimize what guests touch:
    • NEW HANDS FREE CHECK-IN PROCEDURE now only requires guests to touch their own phones
    • All bathroom doors propped open
    • Animal Feeding by Guests is temporarily prohibited
  5. Clean what guests touch:
    • Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces (e.g. doors, door knobs, counter tops, vending machines, bathrooms, stroller rentals, and sky lift chairs after each use.
  6. The following exhibits, rides, and gathering points have closed inside the park: The Bat, Budgie, and Reptile Exhibits.  The Train, Carousel, and Drop Tower.  Scheduled public Zoo Keeper Talks are temporarily cancelled.
  7. Per Federal and Local recommendations, the only remaining indoor spaces; the Membership Center and the Gift Shop will be limited to 10 patrons at a time.


Please follow this procedure carefully

  1. Daily Admission Check-in
    • Purchase your tickets online here.
    • Pick the 15 minute window that you want to enter the zoo.
    • Stay in your vehicle until your 15 minute entry window.
    • Arrive and hold out your cellphone with the order confirmation to an attendant who will check you in.
    • Pick up any optional sky lift tickets. (tickets printed directly to customer)
    • Enter the Zoological Park.
  2. Member Check-in.
    • Proceed to Member Check-in window
    • Hold up your membership card to be scanned
    • Enter the Zoological Park.

Some have expressed concerns about the health and safety of the animals.  Please be assured that we are monitoring  all available resources including United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization WHO, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) for evolving information.

Currently there is no evidence that these animals can be infected with COVID-19 or be a source of infection to other animals and humans.


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Kumbali and Kago

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