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1week old
Cubs at day 1

cubs 3 weeks old
Cubs at 3 weeks old

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  • Lana gave birth to 5 cubs (3 males and 2 females) October 6, 2013
  • First time mother, Lana, is 4 years old
  • First time father, Kitu, is 5 years old
  • Lana, her five cubs, and 6 other adult cheetahs are located in our cheetah breeding facility which is off exhibit
  • There are currently two female cheetah on exhibit in the Zoo





The cheetahcam has offically been shut down.
Thank you all for watching!

(Lana and her cubs have moved to the zoo for public viewing)

March 31, 2014:
The Metro Richmond Zoo is thrilled to announce that Lana, Richie, Rico, Chester, Amelia, and Hanna will go on exhibit Tuesday, April 1st! We are planning to let them out at 10:30 am. "Share" this status to help get the word out.

Lana and her cubs have settled in wonderfully, and they are now ready for their public debut! Cheetah fans: We are grateful for your support and have loved having you join our journey of watching the cubs grow. We hope you can come to the Zoo and welcome them into their new home.

(By the way, this is NOT an April fool's joke)

March 28, 2014:
Today, Lana and her cubs were successfully moved from the cheetah breeding center to the cheetah exhibit in the Zoo. Lana entered her crate several times, but not far enough to block her in. This made it necessary for us to tranquilize her.While she was under anesthesia, it gave us an opportunity to update her vaccines, check her skin irritation (which is healing nicely), and give her a complete physical from our veterinarian, Dr. Antonucci. The photo posted (facebook) earlier was Lana just starting to recover from sedation. 

After Lana was awake in her crate, we began the process of catching the cubs. We weighed, de-wormed, and vaccinated each cub. Also, all of the cubs received a physical exam. They were so fast-- it was necessary to use a net to catch them and it took three people to hold them during their examination. All of the cubs are doing well and are very healthy. Here are their current weights:

Amelia: 33.2 lbs
Hanna: 31.4 lbs 
Richie: 33 lbs
Rico: 36.6 lbs
Chester: 31.4 lbs

After each exam, the cubs were placed in an individual crate facing each other to help keep them calm. Once all the exams were completed, Lana and her cubs were loaded into the back of a truck and driven into the Zoo to the cheetah exhibit. Currently, they are all together inside their night quarters exploring their new surroundings. We are excited and relieved the move was successful. Now that they are in their new night house, Lana and her cubs will need to adjust to their new surroundings. They will have access to an off exhibit, side yard and will need to learn how to come in each night to eat before we let them into their large exhibit. The time frame for this step is up to Lana and her cubs.

We have been thrilled to provide the cheetah cams to the general public and hope to do it again if we are successful in more breeding.

Follow us on twitter or facebook to keep up with the latest. In the next week, we will be posting a video of the move.

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Highlights from the CheetahCam

Lana and her cubs won't always be on cam, but you can always enjoy this video and others to the left of the screen. If you don't see anyone in view, check back for a live feed later.

Watch the Cheetah cubs play in the snow!

Video of the cubs' 12 week checkup


Video of the cubs' at 4 weeks old