Baird’s tapir born December 25th, 2017

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Baird’s tapir born December 25th, 2017

The Metro Richmond Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a female Baird’s tapir. Navi was born on December 25th, 2017 to parents, Tupelo and Chac. Mom and baby are in great health.

This is the first Baird’s tapir birth for the MRZ. Tupelo and Chac were recommended to breed by the AZA SSP for Baird’s tapirs. Tupelo and her calf are currently inside their indoor shelter until the warmer weather arrives. This allows for Tupelo and Navi to stay warm and spend time forming a strong bond.

The Baird’s tapir is an endangered species native to Central America. The tapir’s nose and upper lip combine into a prehensile snout that can move in all directions. The tapir’s gestation is around 400 days.

In recent years, the majority of calves born in zoos have been male. The arrival of Navi will be a great addition to the captive tapir population.



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